A business relationship with Local Union No. 405 is based on productivity, profit and value.

Our objective is to provide signatory contractors with a proven and productive workforce that is well-trained and available when needed. To achieve this, we spend over 210 hours per year training our apprentices and providing an additional eight hours of journeyman upgrade training.

Training is what provides our signatory contractors a unique advantage. Training is what provides our members with the skills they need to succeed. In total, training is what solidifies our business relationships with our signatory contractors.
What does building a business relationship with Local No. 405 mean for you?

Local No 405 will have the best trained and well prepared workers, when you need them, to help finish a project on time and within budget. As part of our Standard of Excellence, we pledge that you will have the experienced workers when you need them.

The knowledge that apprentices and journeymen from Local No. 405 are well-trained, drug-free and available to work solidifies relationships with our contractors. In addition, signatory contractors benefit from various programs designed to build our working relationship such as Helmets to Hardhats, Ironworkers College Credit Programs, Ironworker Apprenticeship Certification Program and National Welding Certification Program to name a few. Other programs contractors have taken advantage of are available at our International’s Web site.

If you are interested in starting a relationship with Local No. 405, please contact Ed Penna at 215-462-7300 or